Pilot Series No. 3, Black Cardamom, 70cl

Pilot Series No. 3, Black Cardamom, 70cl


Botanical Vodka / Batch 1 / 70cl / 40% abv.

Crisp and refreshing eucalyptus on the nose, followed by lively black cardamom on the palate with a hint of smoke on the finish make for an incredibly satisfying botanical vodka. Only the heart of each pod is cold-distilled to create a beautifully fresh spirit, whilst the smoky husks are reserved for use in the Smoked+Spiced Dry Gin produced in collaboration with Michelin awarded restaurant Skosh.

Bottled under the Cooper King Pilot Series label, a range of small-batch, experimental releases.

Delicious served chilled over ice or perfect in a cocktail.

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