"I for one stand up for gin"

- The English & Australian Cookery Book, 1864

Foraged botanicals, malt spirit and an innovative approach to distillation make Cooper King Gin one-of-a-kind. Enjoy sipped neat, in a refreshing gin and tonic with wild berry and citrus garnish, or as part of an invigorating cocktail.

First-release Founders' Gin is available to Founders only, and is expected to launch spring 2018.



Produced in micro-batches using our 10 and 5 litre stills, our gin will be juniper-led as all gin should be, and beautifully balanced with botanicals, some of which foraged from our own site.

There is an abundance to choose from, including fresh lemon grass, green gooseberry, apple blossom and warming chamomile, not to mention our own honey.



To create a gin of exceptional character we’re taking an unprecedented approach to gin distillation, by marrying botanicals with a combination of rich malt spirit and smooth wheat spirit.

Each bottle will be filled and labelled by hand at the distillery, with the first batches exclusively for our Founders.





We are the first distillery in Yorkshire to combine innovative cold vacuum distillation with traditional hot copper-pot distillation, in a process that’s tailored to suit each individual botanical.

This ensures we extract the freshest, fullest flavours to bring a gin to the table unlike any other.