Winter Work


The distillery building has come on by leaps and bounds this winter, with the project now just 15 days away from completion. 15 days! It feels incredible to have the end of construction in sight, knowing that the excitement of distillation flows immediately after. The first of March 2018 will see the gin stills officially fire into action, with a release date for the first Cooper King gin penned in for May this year.

The last few months have seen the internal walls lined with 4,670kg of plasterboard and covered in 40 litres of paint. When you factor in the 9,000kg of steel reinforcing mesh in the concrete slab, the 2,400kg of timber roof trusses and the 2,025kg of insulated roof sheets, you can begin to get a feel for the scale of the build. All these materials were carried, laid, fixed and lifted into place by hand, come sun, rain, wind or snow, with the help of so many friends, family and Founders. I think Abbie and I owe many people a drink at the bar when it’s open!

More intricate work has also been undertaken. The friendly and very knowledgeable chaps from Dales Water installed the state-of-the-art water filtration system, which provides the fresh, pure water for the production of both gin and whisky.

Chris’s father Quentin has put his splendid cabinet-making skills to good use, crafting a splendid oak table and bar top for the Tasting Room. Watching him work really does make you appreciate the effort and skill that goes into bespoke, hand-made furniture.

Last but not least our good friend Elle hung beautiful timber display boxes in the Tasting Room to compliment the timber theme. We’re very much looking forward to hosting tasting evenings and intimate events in this rustic, cosy space. All that remains is to stock up that whisky and gin bar.

The week ahead sees Chris learning and honing his plumbing skills (with the help of Graham of course!), Abbie ordering the last few hoses, clips and distilling sundries, and having one last clear up before distillation starts.

15 days to go….

Chris and Abbie

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StoryChris Jaume