Build Progress


Self-building a distillery from scratch and on a micro-budget, with the help of those who support us and the project, is incredibly challenging yet also beautifully rewarding. We are now just months away from firing up the Cooper King stills for the first time, which means we can crack on with producing fine Yorkshire spirits.

The distillery building is really taking shape, with superb progress made since our last blog entry (Founders’ Journal No 1). In the last 8 weeks the roof and rooflights have gone on, the exterior has been lined, clad and stained, and the windows installed. In the next few weeks the exterior doors will be finished and the electrical installation will commence. It’s not long now until the gin still will be fired up, with the whisky still hot on its heels.

We hope you enjoy the following snapshots from the last few months' work… 

A special thank you must be given to JC, Matt, Charlie, Katie, Nici, Jake and Dave - our dear friends and founders - who have sacrificed holidays and weekends to come and pitch in over the last few months. Many of you have travelled awfully long distances after working your day jobs to come and spend stints working your arses off here. On top of that, the continued advice (and tools!) offered by Abbie’s father Graham, and the 5 weeks Chris’s father Quentin has been here living on site to produce and install all our doors and windows, has been invaluable.

The project has come on leaps and bounds thanks to all you guys; we are both incredibly touched and appreciative of your support and encouragement.


Chris and Abbie

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StoryChris Jaume